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unaware; unmindful; unconcious; is my playground. I make stuff I care about, which has an underlying theme of curiously exploring what it means to be human. Like 📚 children's books, 🎮 educational games, ✍️ cerebral comics, 👾 crypto art, and the list keeps flowing. I send out a 💌 behind-the-scenes email once a month (ish) to let you know what I've been experimenting with. There's no plan, no structure, just a natural curiosity and sharing the ride.

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Shush Robot!Now available for {$12.99}

Some stuff I've created

Shush Robot!

Hilarious shout-out-loud wordplay experience focused on igniting self-expression

Crypto Art

A collection of my NFT works available now

Coming soon

Action > Theory!

For grownups
Alex and Astro

A cerebral comic series

The Dad List

Free, easy, and fun games to play with your kids when you just can't think of what to play

Peak Story Trilogy (2015)

A picture book trilogy that shows anything of value requires persistence and love

Chimp Illustrations

Getting loose with lines

Educational Software & Games

Helping children learn via technology

Chimp in a cloud

The oblivious chimp

Irish people talk funny!

The mannerisms of an eclectic bunch

Best of the best

A collection of research from the best minds

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Direction via maxim