Shush Robot!

Hilarious shout-out-loud wordplay experience focused on igniting self-expression

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Book description

Shush Robot! is a beautifully illustrated 11 page board book for 2-5 year-olds. A hilarious shout-out-loud wordplay experience about a self-doubting astronaut named Alex—who literally can't shake the monkeys off his back—and a quirky Robot who is just the opposite.

It strongly questions why we allow these monkeys to pile up on our backs instead of just shaking them off and embracing the chaos of self-expression.

Why was Shush Robot! created?

As a child, I lived in constant, crippling fear of what other people thought. These figurative "monkeys on my back" negatively impacted far too much of my life and it regretfully leaked into some of my early adult years. As the years went by, I became more aware of those monkeys and made conscious efforts to shake them off one by one, and I am proud to say that my back is now monkey-free. Shush Robot! is my fun way of expressing that harrowing journey in the hopes that young children (and maybe even some adults!) will interact with it and feel empowered with the courage to just dance and sing to their own tunes.

What others are saying about Shush Robot!

Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm an artist and storyteller. Creator of 4 indie children's books, and fun edutech for kids with In my free time I'm currently focusing on painting and having as much fun as possible with my 3 little monkeys (human kind).

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