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Action > Theory!
"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is."

Manfred Eigen (and many other attributions)

Leap!, is the second book in the Alex & Astro series. Just like the first, Shush Robot!, this is a funny, sad and ultimately inspiring story about an astronaut named Alex. It calls into question our preoccupation with test taking and acquiring credentials in academia, when what really matters is action. Doing. Being.

"Action expresses priorities"

Mahatma Gandhi

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Hi, my name is Daniel. I'm an artist and storyteller. Creator of 4 indie children's books on mindfulness, and teaching kids how to read with In my free time I'm currently focusing on mindfulness, yoga, ice plunges, teaching art, and primarily having as much fun as possible with my 3 little monkeys (human kind).

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I wrote and illustrated a fun children's book about being unabashedly minduful towards self-expression!
Shush Robot! Softcover✅ Now available (from $4 and up)

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