Irish people talk funny!

The mannerisms of an eclectic bunch

At the ripe age of only 18 years, I packed my bags and left my beloved Ireland in pursuit of the American Dream.

Fast forward another 18 years from that surreal day and I'm left wondering who I am anymore. It's a terribly odd and thrilling experience to live in a different country than where you grew up. You never quite feel at home, always the odd duck.

As per usual, I turned to the pen and paper to figure things out. These comics just happened over the course of a couple weeks. A nostalgic exploration of an impossible task. To explain what it truly means to be Irish.

obliviouschimp mission
We chimps went from squabbling in the dirt, to sending rockets into space because a small few pushed the limits of our potential. A small few rejected arrogance, and delusion from misinformation. A small few embraced ignorance as their baseline, with the aim of becoming a little less dumb, not more smarterer. For the next small few who dream among the stars, this oblivious chimp creates for you.
Without getting too serious of course!
Shush Robot!

Available for pre-order June 20th, 2021 (Father's Day)

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Coming soon. All I can say for now is that Action > Theory!


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